Local Government - Town Council - Committee and Board Appointments

Committee/Board                               2018

Development Committee                     Council As A Whole

Fire Services Committee                      Council As A Whole

Public Works Committee                      Council As A Whole

Recreation Committee                           Council As A Whole

Union Negotiation Committee              Council As A Whole

Water Service Advisory Committee      Council As A Whole

Bibliotheque Allard Regional Library    Lorie Finkbeiner – Deb Lagassé

CDEM/AMBM                                       Paul Desrosiers

Dock Committee                                     Deb Lagassé – Gary Berthelette

Edgewater Recreation Commission        Bev Dubé – Deb Lagassé

Health Review – IERHA                         Bev Dubé – Deb Lagassé

North Eastman Community Health         Lorie Finkbeiner

North Eastern Regional Lobby               Bev Dubé – Deb Lagassé

North Eastern Regional Municipal         Bev Dubé

Pine Falls Golf Course                            Deb Lagassé

Recycling Committee                             Gary Berthelette – Ken Peacock

St.Georges CDC                                     Bev Dubé – Deb Lagassé

Sunova Arena Board                              Don MacLellan

Vocational School – Eastman Region     Lorie Finkbeiner – Bev Dubé

Whiteshell Laboratories Regeneration    Bev Dubé

Whiteshell Public Liaison Committee     Don MacLellan

Wings of Power                                        Don MacLellan

Winnipeg River Community Futures       Gary Berthelette

Winnipeg River HandiVan Board             Gary Berthelette

Winnipeg River Learning Centre              Lorie Finkbeiner

Winnipeg River Planning District            Bev Dubé Don MacLellan