Local Government - Town Council - Committee and Board Appointments

Committee/Board                               2019

Development Committee                     Council As A Whole

Fire Services Committee                      Council As A Whole

North Eastman Regional Forum       Council As A Whole

Recreation Committee                           Council As A Whole

Union Negotiation Committee              Council As A Whole

Water Service Advisory Committee      Council As A Whole

Bibliotheque Allard Regional Library   Lorie Finkbeiner – Melinda Pluchinski

CDEM/AMBM                                       Don MacLellan - Paul Desrosiers

Edgewater Recreation Commission        Melinda Pluchinski - Howard Townsend

Health Review – IERHA                         Lorie Finkbeiner - Don MacLellan

North Eastman Community Health         Lorie Finkbeiner

Public Works Committee                        Gary Berthelette - Howard Townsend

Sunova Arena Board                               Melinda Pluchinski - Howard Townsend

Wings of Power                                       Melinda Pluchinski

Winnipeg River Community Futures       Gary Berthelette

Winnipeg River HandiVan Board             Gary Berthelette

Winnipeg River Planning District            Gary Berthelette - Howard Townsend