Local Government - Government Services - Recycling

Recycling: Every Thursday 8:00am
Please make sure all materials are Clean & Dry before recycling
Office paper, newspaper, brown paper bags, magazines, junk mail and phone books
      - Flattened cardboard
      - Paper board (cereal boxes & snack boxes)
      - Paper cardboard (dairy & juice containers)
Plastic bottles & containers #1 - #7
#1 PE - Soda bottles, oven ready meal trays and water bottles
#2 HDPE - Milk bottles, detergent bottles and spray bottles
#3 PVC - Loose leaf binders and plastic pipes
#4 LDPE - Dry cleaning bags and reusable bottles
#5 PP - Medicine bottles, drinking straws, and food containers (ketchup bottles/sour cream/butter tubs)
#6 PS - compact disc jackets and tableware
#7 - Other reusable water bottles, certain kinds of food containers and Tupperware
Glass & Aluminum
Glass including glass bottles and jars, all colours of glass is accepted
Aluminum including aluminum cans, aluminum foil, pie tins, tin cans and steel cans
Corrugated cardboard paper board (cereal boxes & snack boxes), paper cardboard (dairy & juice cartons), toilet paper and paper towel rolls