A Place To Invest

Nestled on the border of Lake Winnipeg, the Edgewater Region offers breathtaking scenery, year round cottage living and all the amenities that you need to live, work and play. Blessed with natural beauty, friendly people and a great a quality of life, the Edgewater Region has something for everyone.
Just a short drive from Winnipeg you will find yourself leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city to experience a kind of living where relaxation and peace of mind are the norm. Located in close proximity to several provincial parks, the region offers an experience to delight any nature lover, with forests teaming with wildlife, lakes abundant with fish, beautiful rock cuts, and valleys painted with wildflowers of every color.
The Edgewater Region is a recreational paradise.
World famous fishing, beaches, water sports, hiking, cross-country skiing, and are just a few of the attractions.. The Edgewater Region is a great place for business. Our primary regional sponsors are the The Town of Powerview-Pine Falls and The RM of Alexander We possess timberland and arable farmland in abundance leading to forestry and agriculture as two of the most important industries in the area.
The region plays host to many important hydro generating stations supplying not only Manitoba with its power but generating a very important export for the province. Mining and tourism are also major economic activities in the region.
Edgewater is a wonderful place to call home. From the warmth of the people to the breathtaking beauty of the area, you can have all the advantages of rural living without missing many of the amenities of urban living. Join us in the Edgewater Region.

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